stempel rood2


What a nerve!
A peanut shaped, rusty boat in the historical centre of Amsterdam. Two levels where contemporary solutions are provided for each different use, within the small amount of space available. This corten-steel project encloses a pure, balanced interior where daylight coming in through windows in the roof and walls encounters white walls to enhance a sense of spaciousness. Rooms are portioned off in accordance with the intended activities. Thus two fundamental objectives were met: privacy and rich spaces.


This three storey commercial building is a magnificent example of integration with the historical context. Outside, it presents respectful proportions and dimensions but these hide a contemporary block of offices focused, by way of it’s entrance, on the waterfront. The three floors are vertically related. The terrace on the ground floor creates a space much greater than that of a typical façade. It is a simple and efficient building, an exercise in the quest for what is truly essential in a small size commercial building. 


Robust houseboat situated on the outskirts of Amsterdam. The magnificent surroundings have altered little over time. The horizon was always like this. Shelter against the elements sun, wind, rain is found in the sober metal panel and wooden elements. This creates a sensation of solidity, while the large floor- to- ceiling glass panels permit a close relationship with the surroundings. The existing ground level has been brought to live; clearly visible and accessible. The raised ground level is filled with an open, light, spatial content to interact with and merge with its surroundings. Right function on the right spot.