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Award winning project!
The community consists of 24 units of which 12 are specifically designed for people who are on their way to live independently but not quite there. A meeting place including a communal kitchen as well as a small office are a vital part of the project. The courtyard around which the units are located functions as the public living room.


The office building located next to a railway, also functions as a sound barrier between the houses and the railway. The material of the front façade on the railway side is specially designed to absorb sound. The building's entrance is situated on a triangular square on the Nieuwe Teertuinen and has a direct relationship to the studios beneath the railway bridge.


The studio for a fashion designer is a free standing building in the centre of Amsterdam, direct related to a canal.


The Premsela Broeksma House replaced a 19th century building located in a 17th century neighborhood of Amsterdam. The house has three separate apartments, a guestroom, an architect's office, a ceramic studio, a garage and a rooftop terrace.